1. Documents required:
    1. Mandatory: G.S.T. Number, owner’s PAN Card, PAN card against current account number, canceled cheque, shop license, and permit.
    2. Non- mandatory: Udyog Aadhar, owners address other than PAN card.
  2. All the Payments will be processed within 8 days of the product sold from the vendor panel.
  3. The product for delivery should not be given to the delivery captain without an I.D. check.
  4. MCOD will provide vendors a list of delivery captains with valid I.D proof for certain cities.
  5. MCOD is not responsible in case of a dispute for products not sold from MCOD.IN.
  6. MCOD does not take responsibility for any product delivery unless ordered on MCOD.IN.
  7. MCOD requests vendors to have a customer-friendly business with MCOD in case of exchange and refund of products.
  8. MCOD commission will be fixed. No bargains will be entertained once the vendor agrees on the commission terms.
  9. Packing of products should be done from the vendor side, MCOD will add its packing over product packing by the vendor.
  10. Packing of the product should be complete before the arrival of the delivery captain.
  11. In case of a claim against selling a fake product or a duplicate product through MCOD.IN, MCOD is liable to charge the vendors for malpractices and/or can terminate the mutual agreement.
  12. Vendors should update the inventory on the website as and when needed for the convenience of online customers.
  13. Photoshoot of products will be provided by MCOD but the inventory update with product details will be done by vendors.
  14. MCOD requests vendors not to misbehave or abuse our delivery captains.
  15. MCOD requests to file complaints against delivery captains if found intoxicated, on MCOD.IN

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