For vendor:

      1. MCOD services can only be availed by vendors that are authorised under applicable law to form legally binding agreements.
      2. MCOD assures that the use of document submitted will be used for business purpose only.
      3. MCOD will use mobile numbers and E-mail IDs for communication purpose only.
      4. MCOD does not misuse customer’s bank details, as safe payment getaways are integrated to the website.
      5. MCOD does not take any responsibility for copyright claims raised by a third party on any product sold by a certain vendor through MCOD.
      6. MCOD can terminate certain vendor with/ without notice, based on customer feedback or a certain vendor is found violating the policy of MCOD.
      7. Do not share your bank details with our employees other than marketing team. MCOD asks for the only account number and IFSC code. Do not share any other kind of bank details or passwords related to bank to any of our employee.
      8. Make sure that a cancelled cheque is submitted properly to our employees during vendor registration. MCOD is not responsible for any monetary losses if properly cancelled cheque is not submitted by the vendor.

For customer:

      1. MCOD Uses mobile number and E-mail ID for communication purpose only.
      2. Like other websites, MCOD uses cookies & obtains a certain type of information when customer’s web browser accesses MCOD or advertisement & other contents served by or on behalf of MCOD on other websites.
      3. MCOD does not store any kind of bank details of customers.
      4. MCOD uses customer location only for delivery purpose.


      1. MCOD does not ask for any kind of bank details via mobile number or E-mail ID. Do not share any kind of bank details or sensitive passwords with our employees.
      2. MCOD is not responsible for any monetary losses if the above point is not followed by customer or vendor.

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