1. The product will not be exchanged after 7 days.
  2. If the same product is exchanged already 3 times, and asked for a refund 4th time, the refund request will not be approved.
  3. For any refund requests, the amount will be transferred in 4-5 business days.
  4. Refund request against any product after 7 days will be rejected.
  5. Delivery boys should be entertained only when they have our company’s valid I.D. card.
  6. You will be informed about the identity of our delivery boy before delivery.
  7. You can claim a warranty in the promised period only For repairs and services after the warranty, you can ask for our service against our service charge.
  8. We request you to follow our exchange policy when purchased from our site and do not visit the vendor directly.
  9. We will not provide cash on delivery for shopping above 2000 rupees.
  10. We are not responsible for any product delivered by our delivery boy to you from any of our vendors, if not booked from our site.
  11. For heavy electronics, the installation will be done on the same day of delivery.
  12. For electronics, the exchange will be done on the same day only if any physical damage or functional problem observed and reported by the customer on the same day.
  13. If any physical damage or functional problem is reported on the next day of delivery, it will be taken for repair under warranty.
  14. We request you, not to abuse or misbehave with our delivery boy.
  15. To have a successful return or exchange of products, the price tag, and brand tag should be intact with the product.
  16. Return policy:- All the returns/exchanges will be processed within 24 hours of delivery. Returns/exchanges will be processed on the
    basis of availability of the product with the vendor.
  17. MCOD wishes, their customers must get the products as per their choice, without any compromise on the product. 
  18. All the product pictures are clicked in the physical shop in the natural form of the products, thus, product pictures might have foldings and creases

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